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Sean Penn

I played the role of a makeup artist in the movie “Fair Game,” which was shot in midtown NY on May 20th (Wed). When I first met Sean Penn on the set during rehearsal, I thought he was a very sensitive person. This is the first movie he plays in since he won the Academy award. Sean did not talk loud. Even when he was acting. The director told me not to actually touch Sean’s face when I touch up his makeup in the movie. I did as told in the rehearsal, but then Sean whispered in the director’s ear to tell him it’s ok if I touch his skin. I acted a one-on-one scene with Sean, the sensitive man who didn’t change his facial expression much. I swallowed my breath. As I was trying to hide my nervousness, the actor who had been quiet all this time said “Hello” and smiled at me. He was probably wondering how my acting is, and my body stiffened. I was saved when he said “Don’t be shy!” That changed the impression of Sean in me, from a seemingly emotionless actor to a man with a personality. When the shoot was over, the director came up to me and said “Thank you.” I realized that successful people that are at the top of the world never forget to respect other people’s identity and treat everyone equally. And I think Sean is a type of man whose age doesn’t show. He is handsome and sexy. I will never forget this “serene, beautiful man”. The film shooting has been continuing since March. Aside from Sean Penn, the casts of the movie include Naomi Watts.