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room 507

room 507

Formed in 2009, the art unit room 507 is based in Brooklyn, New York. Members are Arisa Itami (Vocals), Toru Yamauchi (Guitar), and Shinya Sugimoto (Sound effects). Aiming at composite art, room 507 fuses old Jazz, electronic sound and visual elements into the new style of music performance. Their performance is based on the concept which is a story set in ruined earth in the future.


The earth after the end of the civilization is wrought with environmental destruction, war. A girl survives the ruins. She stands on the edge of what was once vast waters, a source of life. She is dreaming, following the footsteps of her past in the music of the 20th century: jazz, bossanova, pop. It is warm, longing, sad, and beautiful. This is music that human made, music that lived within her. At times she wakes from the dream, too sudden, and longs to return to its rhythms. The dream gone: with it a person’s warmth, a person that no longer exists. It is only her desire that keeps the dream alive, a desire of experience.

Rebirth, Hope

The girl awakens: it is still a world without humanity. This is reality; lonely, bereft, silent. But then a new rhythm, the beat of footsteps of nature coming closer from a long distance. It is nature from the eons of the past, nature that brought us life, nature that now reproduces the earth that man has destroyed. The rains come. The earth is enriched. Water flows into the sea and the essence of life will be come before long. She lives in nature as one, a powerful force, a new beat of the old, enveloping the earth.