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Nicole Kidman

That one person just being there makes it feel like the time has stopped.
I’d never experienced that feeling so strongly until I saw Nicole Kidman.
It was like looking at a picture; her existence itself was a piece of art.
The movie that was shot on June 1st (Mon) at Sotheby’s on 72nd St. and York Ave. is based on a Broadway play called Rabbit Hole, and I joined the film shoot as a role of a business woman at Sotheby’s.
I usually never stare at actors, but I couldn’t help it with Nicole Kidman. She had that “something”. Take her facial expressions for example. None of her expressions was a waste… Every single one was just perfect. Homely expressions did not exist in her, and all her smiles were mysterious yet classy. I saw the high quality as an actress and professionalism in her.
There are some actors who suddenly transform into somebody else as they hear “Rolling!” or “Action!”. However, even off the set, Nicole showed concentration which reflected her hard working nature, confidence, and her concept of cutting off what’s unnecessary. I couldn’t help but admire her.. not only as an actress, but also as a woman.