room 507

room 507

Formed in 2009, the art unit room 507 is based in Brooklyn, New York. Members are Arisa Itami (Vocals), Toru Yamauchi (Guitar), and Shinya Sugimoto (Sound effects). Aiming at composite art, room 507 fuses old Jazz, electronic sound and visual elements into the new style of music performance. Their performance is based on the concept which is a story set in ruined earth in the future.


The earth after the end of the civilization is wrought with environmental destruction, war. A girl survives the ruins. She stands on the edge of what was once vast waters, a source of life. She is dreaming, following the footsteps of her past in the music of the 20th century: jazz, bossanova, pop. It is warm, longing, sad, and beautiful. This is music that human made, music that lived within her. At times she wakes from the dream, too sudden, and longs to return to its rhythms. The dream gone: with it a person’s warmth, a person that no longer exists. It is only her desire that keeps the dream alive, a desire of experience.

Rebirth, Hope

The girl awakens: it is still a world without humanity. This is reality; lonely, bereft, silent. But then a new rhythm, the beat of footsteps of nature coming closer from a long distance. It is nature from the eons of the past, nature that brought us life, nature that now reproduces the earth that man has destroyed. The rains come. The earth is enriched. Water flows into the sea and the essence of life will be come before long. She lives in nature as one, a powerful force, a new beat of the old, enveloping the earth.

photo by ryan dixon

Arisa-063Arisa-070photo by ryan dixion

my song

When I Look In Your Eyes

Nicole Kidman

That one person just being there makes it feel like the time has stopped.
I’d never experienced that feeling so strongly until I saw Nicole Kidman.
It was like looking at a picture; her existence itself was a piece of art.
The movie that was shot on June 1st (Mon) at Sotheby’s on 72nd St. and York Ave. is based on a Broadway play called Rabbit Hole, and I joined the film shoot as a role of a business woman at Sotheby’s.
I usually never stare at actors, but I couldn’t help it with Nicole Kidman. She had that “something”. Take her facial expressions for example. None of her expressions was a waste… Every single one was just perfect. Homely expressions did not exist in her, and all her smiles were mysterious yet classy. I saw the high quality as an actress and professionalism in her.
There are some actors who suddenly transform into somebody else as they hear “Rolling!” or “Action!”. However, even off the set, Nicole showed concentration which reflected her hard working nature, confidence, and her concept of cutting off what’s unnecessary. I couldn’t help but admire her.. not only as an actress, but also as a woman.

arisa music film “When i look in your eyes”


Sean Penn

I played the role of a makeup artist in the movie “Fair Game,” which was shot in midtown NY on May 20th (Wed). When I first met Sean Penn on the set during rehearsal, I thought he was a very sensitive person. This is the first movie he plays in since he won the Academy award. Sean did not talk loud. Even when he was acting. The director told me not to actually touch Sean’s face when I touch up his makeup in the movie. I did as told in the rehearsal, but then Sean whispered in the director’s ear to tell him it’s ok if I touch his skin. I acted a one-on-one scene with Sean, the sensitive man who didn’t change his facial expression much. I swallowed my breath. As I was trying to hide my nervousness, the actor who had been quiet all this time said “Hello” and smiled at me. He was probably wondering how my acting is, and my body stiffened. I was saved when he said “Don’t be shy!” That changed the impression of Sean in me, from a seemingly emotionless actor to a man with a personality. When the shoot was over, the director came up to me and said “Thank you.” I realized that successful people that are at the top of the world never forget to respect other people’s identity and treat everyone equally. And I think Sean is a type of man whose age doesn’t show. He is handsome and sexy. I will never forget this “serene, beautiful man”. The film shooting has been continuing since March. Aside from Sean Penn, the casts of the movie include Naomi Watts.